The Power of the Book Award



The Atlanta Wellesley Club is proud to have one of the strongest Book Award programs in the country. The continued success of our program is only possible through the continued commitment of our club members as sponsors, supporters, and presenters. 

Book Awards honor outstanding female scholars approaching an important milestone in their lives. It affirms a young scholar's success and hard work and lets others know that we see great value in what she brings to the table. Whether she chooses to attend our college or not, she is recognized by the award and that type of recognition is empowering. Hopefully, it emboldens her for whatever choice she makes after graduation. 

In addition to recognizing young scholars, the program is an important outreach tool and raises the visibility of the college among students, families, friends, teacher, and communities. As alumnae, the program also allows us to connect with one another. 

The Book Awards program extends to eighty-four high schools throughout Georgia. We have the most diverse program of any alumnae club from our college. The schools we present at are public and private; rural and urban; secular and religious; co-ed and single sex.

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